In this section we will share the scientific publications produced by the carabela project.

Technical workshop in Sevilla

In October 24th the project performed a technical workshop under the name "La inteligencia artificial(IA) aplicada a la localización, investigación y gestión de fondos manuscritos digitalizados de archivos históricos: el proyecto Carabela" which was performed at the IAPH central offices in Sevilla. In this Technical workshop Carlos Alonso Villalobos provided an initial overview on the project and its impact on the historical reseach. On the technological side, Professor Enrique Vidal provided an overview on the technology developed for the project (Technology Overview) while Researchers Verónica Romero and Vicente Bosch shared some insight on the production processes used (Process).

ICDAR 2019 Keynote presentation

Professor Enrique Vidal was asked to perform a keynote presentation in the 15th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition . In this presentation Professor Vidal shares some insights on the underlying technology of the Carabela project and provides results for a varied set of manuscripts. View presentation.

PatReCH 2019 article presentation

On September 9th 2019 Carabela project members presented some of the project outcomes in the article "Modern vs diplomatic transcripts for historicalhandwritten text recognition" at the PatReCH 2019 conference. While the full article can be viewed at the Springer website you can view here the presentation slides.