Two part Interview in Archivoz magazine

Last 16th of March 2020 the specialized magazine in archives Archivoz published a two part interview regarding the Carabela project. The interview can be read in the following links part1 , part2

Radio Interview in Radio Nacional de España

On the 16th of January 2020 a radio interview on the Carabela project was performed during the "Gente Despierta" show. You can listen to the full interview here

New article by the EFE agency

The EFE agency publishes an article on the possible historical implications that could have the search engine developed by the Carabela project. The complete news can be read here

Article regarding the "Algorithm rewrites history" by El Tiempo On December 9, El Tiempo publishes a paper on the search engine developed in the Carabela project and his implications for historical research. The news can be read in its entirety at the newspaper's website

Las Provincias produce a new publication on the Carabela project

On December 8, a news item was published on the application of the AI in the Carabela project by the newspaper Las Provincias. The complete article can be read here

Story published by El Universal about the Carabela project

Last December 8 El Universal published a story regarding the technology developed in the Carabela project and the possibilities it opens up. The news can be found in the following web page

The BBVA fundation published a video on Carabela

The video with an additional text description of the project can also be seen here

El Pais newspaper has published a new report on the project

The latest article on the project has been published by the El Pais newspaper on the 31st of October. The piece published under the title "Así funciona la ‘piedra de Rosetta’ de los legajos" can be found in its digital portal.

Internal UPV publication on the Carabela project

On the 24th of October the UPV has decided to publish a feature regarding the technology being developed for the project. You can access the publication here.

A new project article published in Las Provincias newspaper

Additional story published by the Las Provincias newspaper on the 23rd of October. The piece written with the title "Un proyecto valenciano saca a la luz «secretos de la historia de España»" can be read in the newspaper's digital portal.

New write-up on the project published in the Levante

On the 23rd of October the Levante newspaper published an article on the project under the title "Inteligencia Artificial para desvelar los secretos de la Historia". The digital version of the article can be read here.

Carabela project article published in the ABC

Last Sunday 13th of October the ABC newspaper published an article regarding the project and the developed tool usefulness for historical and archeological investigation.

The digital version of this article can be read online at the following ABC web page. 

A Carabela project technical workshop

The next 24th of October a technical workshop will take place under the name "La inteligencia artificial(IA) aplicada a la localización, investigación y gestión de fondos manuscritos digitalizados de archivos históricos: el proyecto Carabela" For more information consult the workshop's programme.

The Carabela project will be present in the Novagob2019 conference

On October 16th a presentation of the project will be performed as part of the track named "LOS ARCHIVOS ESTÁN Y SE LES ESPERA EN LA ADMINISTRACIÓN INNOVADORA". For more information please consult the conference web page

Forerunner news: The case of the frigate "Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes" On October 5, 1804, the frigate "Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes", which had left Montevideo on August 9, was shot down by the English navy close near its arrival to Spain. It was a ship loaded with valuables, as was demonstrated in 2007 when the treasure hunter company [...]

News regarding the Carabela project -- how to prevent the plundering of our underwater cultural heritage: